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About Us - San Diego Personal Concierge

Our Approach

Our Approach

At San Diego Personal Concierge our number one priority is helping you. We handle everything  in a professional manner with care and consideration. Details matter, so expect us to spend time getting to know you and asking questions to make sure you're getting the personalized service that separates us from anyone else.

Our Story

Our Story

San Diego Personal Concierge was founded by Rebecca Condello. She spent years in Corporate America and felt as though she had no free time. Nights and weekends were spent on chores and errands. One day she thought about how nice it would be to hire someone to help. This inspired her to start this company, allowing her to give others time to enjoy life rather than wasting time on tedious tasks.

Meet the Team

The San Diego Personal Concierge team is at your service. Our staff is professional, detail oriented and friendly.


Rebecca Condello

Founder and CEO

Rebecca started her career in the media and left to join the tech world. She's had positions in event planning, marketing and project management. Friends say she's the most organized person they've ever met and is friendly and personable.

We Can Help

Personal Concierge Service for San Diego and San Diego County.

Our Approach

San Diego Personal Concierge Services

We are here to do anything we can to make your life easier. Giving you time to do the things that matter most to you is what we are all about at San Diego Personal Concierge. We offer most any service you need, but if you don't see it in the list, feel free to ask!

Personal Assistant Services in San Diego

Allow San Diego Personal Concierge to take care of your Personal Assistant needs. We run your errands, manage your appointment calendar and correspondence, or any other task that is taking up your free time.

Virtual Assistant Services in San Diego

San Diego Personal Concierge offers virtual assistant services. If you're looking for help with administrative tasks, writing and copy editing, or other support, we've got you covered.

Vacation and Event Planning

No need to worry about all the details when it comes to plans. We research and book travel based on your preferences and needs. Hosting an important event? Our Assistants are experienced party and event planners. Count on us to manage every detail to book a first-class vacation or create the perfect party.

Professional Organization

Sometimes life is too busy to keep things organized. Our Assistants are here to help you declutter, organize and tidy up spaces so you can maximize use or just enjoy them.

See our Services Page for more information.

Our Story